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Ways to Make Your House More Green

Building a new home is a perfect time to integrate green features in it. A green home not only reduces cost of construction, but also makes it more marketable in the future. Let’s see how you can make your house more green.

Make your walls and roof well insulated

Effective insulation makes your apartment warm during winter and cold during summer. Through wool, glass fiber batts and reflective foils, you can insulate the walls and roof of your house. Heating and cooling process account for more than 50% of the home’s total energy consumption.

Replace old and leaky windows

Replace old and leaky windows with energy-efficient models. You can also boost efficiency of the windows via weather-stripping. Replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones is a common practice followed by green homeowners.

Install plenty of ceiling fans

Installing ceiling fans in every room is a great way to reduce carbon footprints. Ceiling fans are cheaper than air conditioners and consume less power. They reduce your monthly electricity bill and protect the environment.

Use energy-saving light bulbs

Compact fluorescent lamps are a part of eco-friendly houses. These bulbs, though expensive, consume less energy, produce less heat and last longer than traditional bulbs. You can save a lot by using these energy-efficient bulbs.

Plant trees around your house

A good landscaping is essential to make your house green. Hence, plant plenty of trees and shrubs around your home. They not only improve the home’s overall look, but also generate pure oxygen – an absolute must for a healthy living.

Use energy star appliances

Energy Star is a renowned symbol on energy-efficient appliances. Energy Star is a program started to cut greenhouse gas emission. Energy Star appliances are cheaper as compared to others. When appliances meet certain criteria set by the Environmental Protection Agency, they earn this label.

Have cross ventilation

Cross ventilation helps a house to cool down fast. You can make cross ventilation by opening doors or windows on the opposite side of your home. This allows free-flow of breeze. Don’t just open a single door or window. Have higher ceilings and wide entry halls for more circulation of air.

Opt for renewable source energy

Opting for renewable source of energy reduces dependence on coal-burning power plants. These plants emit a significant amount of greenhouse gases. Install solar panels on roof to harness the power of sun. Your electricity bill will scale down manifold when you opt for natural sources of energy.

Upgrade your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system

Upgrading your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system reduces your energy cost by nearly 30%. Divide your heating and cooling system into multiple zones in your home to save money.

Reasons For Building A Green Home

The earth’s behavior to human activities is changing with the passage of time. Issues such as greenhouse effect are appearing. Environmentalists are forced to create ways to avoid such unwanted situations that may pose a threat to the human life in the future. With the help of governments, they are able to convince the public to change their lifestyles and work for the betterment of the future of the earth. One such step is making a greener and environment friendly home. Since home improvement is on the rise due to the changing trends that the public tends to follow, the green home improvement can be one way to help the earth to keep up its beauty and a healthy future for the human race that is yet to come into existence.

One of the most important reasons to make your house a greener place is the regulation of healthy air that results from adding plants and greenery to the empty spaces of the house. Like this, you will be able to keep up the health of all the occupants of your house. The second advantage is that the beauty resulted from the filling of the empty spaces of your home with greenery helps support a comfortable living environment.

The house can be made greener by introducing solar panels, white-painted roof tops, and dual window panes. This means that the indoor temperatures can be maintained and the need for electrical appliances such as air-conditioning units and electrical heaters is reduced. As a result, the energy that is provided by the government and produced by those non environment friendly sources such as thermal and nuclear power plants, is consumed in lower amounts. Moreover, the lower energy costs favor your budget by allowing more money to be spent on stuff that you would love to spend on. Greener homes will also protect the non-renewable resources that are used to produce electrical energy.

With a reduced dependence on fossil fuels, the earth’s atmosphere can be sustained well. This means that lower amounts of carbon emissions will enter the ozone layer and lower depletion of the ozone layer will result. If a large population of the world starts green home improvement, a global impact can be experienced. Just by some small changes such as switching to energy conserving appliances can make a huge difference and benefit the world for years to come.

Even various governments appreciate the green house improvements. Some of the ways of showing off their appreciation is to give the owners of such buildings with tax benefits. This is surely a great short-term benefit for becoming an environmentalist. The real estate resale value of the green houses is also greater than the traditional houses that do not include features of the eco-friendly buildings.

Great Benefits For Home, Wallet, and Environment With Roof Insulation

Owning or occupying a home and taking the time to update it with new structural and design features is a great joy for many, though for others, it can sometimes be a hassle. There are some steps, considerations, and services that can be used to secure an easy and enjoyable experience, however. Understanding the needs of a house as it ages and interacts with its environment along with the family that occupies it is key in ensuring that a house truly becomes a rewarding, livable, and long-lasting home that will shelter and serve for multiple generations.

All homes can benefit from ceiling insulation, roof insulation, and other home insulation types, which are capable of keeping rooms cool during the summer and toasty during winter months, all while helping out the environment and lowering the cost of monthly electricity bills. In fact, most owners and occupiers find that home insulation cost is far less than they’d expected; a surprise greatly helped by insulation R value and Australia’s national home efficiency rebate program.

Through the use of various insulation materials, such as foil insulation, cellulose insulation, polyester insulation, and even insulation batts, homes can achieve a greater degree of thermal excellence and cooling capacity that creates comfortable atmospheres with minimal heat and air conditioning use throughout the year. Roof insulation also means that a home’s acoustic quality will greatly improve, lowering noise transference between insulated areas and creating greater depth of sound within rooms -a great benefit for home theatres and television rooms. Choosing roofing that is just right for a home, both structurally and aesthetically, is an important step in fashioning a satisfying house, but bolstering this choice with quality roof insulation is economical, environmentally friendly, and undeniably wise.

Roof insulation is sometimes feared or avoided by home owners and occupiers because of associated costs, but those who inquire are sure to find options well within their maintenance budgets. In Australia, the government has pledged to assist homeowners with up to sixteen hundred dollars in roof insulation materials and services, making the cost even more affordable. Quality roof insulation firms like Lidoran Environmental Services can help measure and quote, install insulation, and help clients navigate the necessary paperwork for government rebates, making the roof insulation process efficient and easy.

Imagine feeling cozy and comfortable in your home year-round with minimal trips to the thermostat, while your wallet remains unharassed. Insulation makes efficient living easy and environmentally sound, whether you choose rock fill, fiberglass, glasswool, rock wool, natural wool, or loose fill. The options -as well as the benefits– are endless, but your comfort and satisfaction are ensured. Consider the ability of roof insulation to help transform your house into a home that will last and serve for several lifetimes. It’s a great move you can make to reward yourself, your family, your wallet, and even the great green world in which you live.